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Read our brand champion, Joe Farmer's, interview with Anglia and Midland Farmer!

Our brand champion, Joe, recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Anglia & Midland Farmer on the work Green Tractor has been doing over the last twelve months. It is great to see an established agricultural magazine championing our scheme as we look to raise awareness of the UK farm plastic problem.

If you get the chance, read the article here! Scheme champions UK recycling of farm plastics – Anglia Farmer Magazine

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It’s time to introduce Farmer Clarkson to our Green Tractor Scheme

It’s time to introduce Farmer Clarkson to our Green Tractor Scheme rather than the Red Tractor proposed 'Greener Farms Commitment (GFC)' bolt-on

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Assessing the Efficacy: Green Tractor comments on WRAP's review, on behalf of Defra, of plastics in agriculture

Not since EU legislation on correct disposal of agri-plastic waste came into force in 2004, has there been so much discussion around farm plastics. With reports and investigations coming from the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and the FAO previously, a review by WRAP on behalf of Defra has recently been published further looking at the […]

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Recycle The Green Tractor Way!

Since working in the recycling industry, I have been increasingly shocked that, when it comes to household recycling, we throw all plastic, paper and card, in one, or at a push, two bins. Speaking with colleagues in operations teams, and them explaining the importance of different waste streams being separated to prevent contamination to enable […]

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