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Solway Recycling: A champion of Sustainability

Green Tractor collector championing agricultural closed loops through their production of Solway stock-board.

Solway Recycling has emerged stronger after a devastating fire that destroyed both their business and family home. Established by the Hiddleston family in 1992, the company has become one of the UK’s leading producers of recycled products. Following the fire, the company had to rebuild its recycling side from scratch, and used the opportunity to reset and develop new products, such as Solway-Board, their own material for creating products. The Solway-board is a great example of a closed loop system that Green Tractor champions. Solway-board is demonstrative of the fantastic products that can be made from recycled farm plastic.

With full traceability on the waste collected from farms, Solway-Board is a one-stop-shop for efficiency and sustainability. Despite challenges like the increasing cost of living and the economy, the business is gradually getting back to being busy, and is experiencing growth from different directions. Solway Recycling employs 25 full-time staff and has big plans for the future, including the construction of workshops and offices and a visitor centre.

Alongside their work in recycling farm plastic and production of recycled products, Solway Recycling are a founding member of The Green Tractor Scheme. As a champion of agricultural sustainability, Roy Hiddleston, the managing director, understood that to increase national rates of agricultural plastic recycling, he needed to work together with the other UK farm collectors to achieve this. Over the last two years, Roy and Solway have invested time and effort to propel the scheme forward to raise recycling rates and ensure high standards of recycling no matter the collector member of Green Tractor. Furthermore, Solway continues to use its connections in the agriculture industry to promote the scheme and obtain further corporate ambassadors. Without Solway Recycling, Green Tractor would not be where it is today.

If you are interested in purchasing Solway recycled products or using their recycling services, then please go to their website - Farm Plastic Recycling | Recycled Plastic Products | Solway Recycling.

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